Key Personnel

Daniel Fishman – Daniel founded Net Effect Technologies in 1997. Prior to establishing Net Effect, he was the general manager and then President of NDC Systems, which he first joined in 1978. Under Dan’s and Yudie’s ¬†leadership, NDC became the leading supplier of industrial measurement and process control computing systems to continuous process industries. Dan became Chief Technology Officer of NDC Systems after it was sold to the British process technology company, Spectris plc in 1997.

Yudie Fishman РYudie is Chairman of AGE Logistics Corporation and a principal partner in Net Effect. After serving as the general manager of an industrial chemical manufacturing plant, Yudie joined NDC Systems in 1986. He was Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing, and Executive Vice President of NDC Systems before becoming President of the company when it was sold to the British process technology company, Spectris plc in 1997.  He joined Net Effect in 1999. In 2003 Yudie became CEO of a Net Effect acquisition, then known as Regent Mfg., Inc. Yudie has continued as CEO of the firm, now know as AGE Logistics Corp., a leading supplier of aircraft crash recovery equipment to the commercial and defense aerospace markets. Yudie received a BA and an M.B.A. from UCLA.

Kirk Brattkus Kirk is a principal partner in Net Effect. Kirk holds a PhD in Applied Mathematics from Northwestern, with undergraduate work in applied math from Caltech. Until he joined Net Effect Kirk was a tenured professor at SMU. Kirk performs advanced research for Net Effect and is the Chief Technology Officer for the company.